Vision & Mission

Khanga Festival aims to breathe, promote and inspire Environmental Consciousness, Inclusiveness, and Respect for ALL,Creativity, Freedom of Expression, Wellness and Education, Transformation – and FUN! Lots of FUN!

  • Environmental Consciousness: A good show doesn’t have to cost the Earth! In fact, it might help preserve it by experimenting with more sustainable ways of living and inspiring attendees. From taking a hard stand against single-use plastics, only using reusable glass bottles, to offsetting our carbon footprint, growing a Permaculture garden, organizing talks on various aspects of sustainability and exclusively using compost toilets in order to protect the water table, minimize water usage and improve soil quality, in every department and aspect of our festival organization, we are working towards the ‘greenest’ festival experience possible! We have a long way to go and lots more to do and learn – we look forward to being more eco-friendly, each and every year.
  • Inclusiveness and Respect for ALL:There are no Borders at Khanga festival – no flags, no nationalities, no tribes. We are all one, we are all VIP, we all deserve the best festival experience possible. Everyone is welcome. No discrimination of any form is tolerated. Instead, we expect each crew member and each guest just like to play a role in making sure everyone around you feels welcome, feels at home, feels part of the family!
  • Creativity: Khanga Festival aims to encourage the Creative inside you! We welcome and encourage all forms of creativity through comedy, art, music, dance or whatever you like.


  • Freedom of expression: We believe all should feel free to be themselves. Khanga Festival is a safe space, free from judgment. Be free, be yourself! We look forward to meeting you!


  • Wellness & Education:We believe festivals are much more than a simple show with a headliner on a stage. Khanga Festival aims to bring together a vast array of professionals and passionate individuals to share their love and skills for wellness, healthy living, and education – from offering meditation classes and yoga lessons, to massage areas and ecstatic dance classes, debates, and talks on all kinds of interesting topics, as well as mental and sexual health counseling services, Khanga festival aims for us all to have learned something positive and to feel better when we leave the festival. 


  • Transformation:As mentioned above, we believe festivals are so much more than an event with a headliner, a stage and a bar. Festivals are an opportunity for self-transformation – a festival is like a small experimental village where we can try to live more sustainably and become better people – if it works at this small scale, then why not apply these changes to our daily lives? 
  • Fun!We LOVE to have FUN! We are real professionals when it comes to having fun! We create a relaxed, family-friendly environment packed with fun activities for kids and adults alike!