About Khanga Festival

Like Khangas, East Africa’s favorite fabric, this festival aims to be bright and colorful, bold and beautiful with creative, peaceful and joyful messages celebrating the diversity of East African cultures”

The festival aims to bring all people together to the rhythmic beats of a timeless drum, to laugh, dance, learn, play, create, participate, explore and evolve – to celebrate life, peace, love, freedom of expression and respect for mother nature. 

For nearly 3 straight days, Khanga Festival will bring together musicians, comedians, storytellers, visual artists, designers and performers from all over the continent for a fun-filled, all-welcoming, family-friendly event packed with the most memorable immersive experiences! 

The yearly festival scheduled to take place each year at Easter is the spectacular result of a collaboration between the creative team of Kilifi New Year festival and the most popular comedy show in Kenya: The Churchill Show..